Equipment Hire

Equipment Hire

Whitewater Adventures Nepal has many different types of equipment to hire out. This includes; 16 foot NRS Rafts, 16 ft. and 18ft Aire Cataraft and an array of kayaks for you to choose from. The kayaks range from creek boats to river running play boats, expedition style boats and the latest play boats. They also have spray decks, paddles, helmets, pfd’s and river gear for on the water as well.
Save yourself the hassle of trying to fly in with a boat and the steep excess baggage charges! The kayaks we have to hire are:

List of the kayaks

  • Bliss-stick Mystic Creeker x3
  • Bliss-stick Mini Mystic x3
  • Wave sport Habitat 80 x 1
  • Wavesport Diesel 65 x 2
  • Dagger Nomad 8.5 x 3
  • Pyranha 1:3 x 1
  • Pyranha Medium Burn x 1
  • Bliss-stick Scud x 1
  • Bliss-stick Specialist x 1
  • Bliss stick Rad x 2
  • Jackson All Star x 1
  • Big Dog Drop Zone x 1

Stand Up Paddle Board for hire (SUP)

List of Raft

  • 16ft x 3
  • 14ft x 4

List off Cataraft

  • 16ft x 1
  • 14ft x 1